Just Because the Weather Goes South...

Chapter 838 is a year-round center for all things aviation. Just because the weather is getting, well, it is Wisconsin after all, doesn't mean that we stop having fun. Hibernation is for bears (no football pun intended). There is a full schedule of activities and programs scheduled all winter so that the fun and camaraderie continues despite the snow.

The November Chapter meeting on the 17th is actually non-aviation related, but fun nonetheless. The Green Bay Packers play that night on network TV, and Jason Seel, Meeting Coordinator decided that rather than have a lot of members miss the meeting because they want to watch the game, why not watch the game together? So, after we conduct our business, the game will be on all screens in the building. Families are welcome. There will be food, and if your family has a special game-day dish, feel free to bring it and share with everyone! Among the business items to be conducted that evening will be the election of Chapter Board members.

In January, for our Chapter meeting on the 19th, Jurg Grossenbacher, our favorite FSDO will provide us with a training update. The topic of his talk with be "Complacency." I think that can apply to more than just aviation.

If the weather does not allow for a flyout on our regular third Saturday, there will be an alternate aviation-adjacent activity. So don't cross that day off your calendar either. VMC/IMC Club will continue on the second Tuesday of each month, and there will be other activities and programs popping up throughout the next few weeks. A Ground School class is also in the works.

And the usual meetings that are necessary to keep the Chapter running will continue. Board Meetings, Operations Committee (and other committees as needed) will be functioning as normal, so if the volunteer bug bites you and you are interested in serving on any of these committees, please contact Scott Sherer, Chapter President at [email protected].

And, as always, remember that this is YOUR Chapter and YOUR website and YOUR newsletter. All content contributions are welcome.

Watch this Space

As many of you know, our favorite electrician, Phil Rush, has been running cable and installing cameras throughout the building and outside for purposes of safety and security. These cameras are mainly to monitor the activity of our rental business and to ensure that the entire airport is safe and secure. But there can be another use for these cameras - the outside camera can provide a view of our airport and the activity there just for fun. So, in the near future, this area of our front page will have a live view from the outside of our building. So if you are killing time and just thinking about aviation, you will be able to see what's going on at our home base! Stay tuned.


Young Eagles Season Concludes

The Young Eagles Flights for 2022 are now in the books, so to speak. In total, we flew 222 youth, most of whom were first-timers. That translates to a 12% increase over last year, and the potential for a couple hundred more future pilots, engineers, astronauts, builders, mechanics...and the list goes on. 

Sincere gratitude goes out to all of the volunteer pilots who donated their skills and time to fly these youth. Also many thanks to our ground volunteers, Laura Beschta, Dean O'Connor and all of the members of Aviation Explorer Post 218 who have instructed, escorted and cleaned up after our Rallies. Led by Bonnie Clement and Alex Clement - Reichling, and Jared Jamel, these folks bore the brunt of the usual chaos.

And thanks to our Chief Pilot, Jim Hantschel for preparing our pilots and providing pilot fuel in the form of goodies from O&H Bakery.

Young Eagles is a program that introduces youth ages 8-17 to aviation as both a hobby and a career, as well as related fields. EAA Chapter 838 has been participating with monthly Young Eagles Rallies since the inception of the program 30 years ago. Our own Sam Johnson was instrumental in the inception of this worldwide program, with the goal of increasing the awareness of aviation in the general population and bringing more youth into these fields of interest.

Join us the second Saturday of each month March - November for our Young Eagles Rally.  For additional information, either check out the Program website at www.youngeagles.org or contact us at [email protected]. Our next scheduled Rally will be on March 11th, with registration available in mid-February at www.youngeaglesday.com.